Which Music Service Pays Best?

April 16, 2014
spotify UX

For TIME magazine: The digital music realm is complicated: artists like De La Soul want to sell their music online but can’t due to legal restraints on their sample-heavy music; meanwhile, while artists like Led Zeppelin, one of the biggest, longstanding holdouts of offering their music for streaming, are now poised to do so. Artists […]

TheeSatisfaction’s Black Weirdo Party

April 9, 2014

For SF WEEKLY: For several years, Seattle duo TheeSatisfaction has been performing music that’s rooted in a love of Chaka Khan vocals and a fascination with Miles Davis trumpet riffs. Not surprisingly, these spacey, spare sounds — a blend of Afrofuturism, soul, R&B, and hip-hop — appeared on the 2011 debut album from similarly-minded Shabazz […]

Slow Start for SF Music Permits

April 3, 2014

For SF WEEKLY: It’s been more than two years since city officials began offering cheap permits for smaller establishments to host live music, but cafes, restaurants, and outdoor plazas have been slow to take advantage of them — largely because they don’t know the permits exist or simply don’t like paying any extra money to […]

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Film: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

April 1, 2014

For the ECONOMIST: WHEN Chicago’s Hypnotic Brass Ensemble plays, its sound seems different from that produced by other brass bands, especially those from New Orleans. The group’s tunes have an air of melancholy and also an earnest youthfulness. Yet what has really grabbed the attention of fans and media alike is the family connection: the […]

Sidewalk Chalk: 90s Rap Redux

March 26, 2014

For SF WEEKLY: Sidewalk Chalk is an eight-piece Chicago ensemble that plays a combination of hip-hop and soul. Its laid-back, jazzy approach — horns, keys, soulful singing, unforced rapping — could easily have fit in with ’90s-era groups like Digable Planets, but those same aesthetic choices group Sidewalk Chalk with an increasingly long list of […]

The Art of Google Maps

March 10, 2014
odell art

For the ECONOMIST: JENNY ODELL, a San Franciscan artist, often finds inspiration in the landscapes she sees while flying overhead. If she spots a promising piece of Earth from a plane, she scours the relevant parts of Google Maps to investigate further. What she is looking for are odd, often industrial, forms and shapes—water-treatment facilities, […]

Cibo Matto: Alt-Hop Mishmash

February 19, 2014

For SF WEEKLY: About 20 years ago, Cibo Matto came up with an approach to music that was not complicated but tapped a nerve that was begging to be tapped: The two mixed funky hip-hop beats with synths and lyrics about food. They wore bright, thrift-store clothes. They occasionally cursed or yelled. As “alternative” came […]

Post-Millenial Blue-Eyed Soul

January 29, 2014
mayer bowtie

For SF WEEKLY: When Mayer Hawthorne takes the stage in Oakland this Saturday, he and his four-piece touring band will no doubt deliver polished versions of songs off of his latest album, Where Does This Door Go, which has been likened — both as praise and critique — to the palatable ’70s smooth rock of […]

Football as Art

January 27, 2014
warhol pele

For the ECONOMIST: American interest in football is on the rise: they’re watching it on television and showing up for more games. Roughly 13m of them play football, making it the country’s third-most-popular participation sport, behind basketball and baseball. The New York City Football Club, a joint venture between the New York Yankees baseball team […]

John Santos Takes On Jazz Residency

January 23, 2014
santos drums

For SF WEEKLY: A conversation with John Santos is like sitting in on a dynamic college course on Afro-Latin music — but there are no lulls and no test afterward. Watch Santos perform live on conga drums with a full band of horn players, singers, and percussionists, and the history lesson becomes tangible and audible. […]

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