screw home video, I’m eating more cereal

I’m no tech geek, but I do my best to keep up.

THIS POST talks about how Google could have purchased the New York Times for the money it spent on YouTube. But they didn’t, cuz folks want their home videos, not what many feel is biased, spoon-fed news reporting.

And as my LA Times blog below mentions, other news organizations are putting dissidents on the chopping block for supporting news content over profit. When my dad and other folks I know disregard newspapers like the New York Times for being, in their minds, subjective and biased, it becomes more and more difficult for me to offer counter arguments.

So here I sit, writing BLAH BLAH on a blog site. Probably not the most productive response, but it’s all I got at the moment. If I was a financial wizard or a marketing genius, I’d be working on some kickass new business model for news media organizations and I’d save the day.

One media critic suggests HEREthat if folks ate more cereal in the morning like they used to, folks might have more time to read in the morning and newspapers might still have a fighting chance. Since I’m no good with finances or marketing, I’m gonna start eating more cereal for the love of the newspaper, goddammit.

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