Afghanistan’s “Pop Idol”

afghan star

Intelligent Life: It’s pretty incredible that the reality-TV, “Pop Idol” culture of the West has reached Afghanistan, of all places. Do you see this as a positive thing?

Havana Marking: The idea of the talent contest is nothing new. And it works well in a television format. India has its own pop idol show. And Indian pop-culture is the most influential in Afghanistan; much more so than Western music. I see this as positive change. It’s helping to create a music industry in a country that until recently did not allow music at all. Now there are outlets. And I really do believe in the power of music; it’s a powerful medium for healing. Everyone in Afghanistan knows someone who has died recently, in horrible ways. [Music] is helping heal some of that, by giving them a break.

The full story on the documentary film “Afghan Star” and interview with director Havana Marking at INTELLIGENT LIFE

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