Mothballs, Voodoo Dolls, and Saxophones


Racks of used and vintage clothing share space with tattered boxes full of dusty vinyl records, comic books, wigs, jewelry, hats and cheap (and usually bad) paintings. Beer and pastries are served, and rockabilly music and Brazilian jazz wafts through the room. The space can get loud with chatter, and often feels like a gathering of young friends. It’s been described as the perfect way to spend a recession-era Sunday.

Much of what you’ll find can best be described as junk, but really it’s all about taking the time to dig through 30 tables worth of piles to find a hidden gem: voodoo dolls, 1960s gold belts, ’80s leather jackets, Devo records, Barbie dolls, and “G.I. Joe” comics.

The full blog post is at the NEW YORK TIMES.

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