Art Meets Science at London Show

Throughout the three-day Kinetica Art Fair, fans of scientific specifics — robotics, wave forms, gravity — will grapple with more human, philosophical ideas — spirituality, relationships. The fair, which runs Feb. 4 to 6, is a place to witness artists “harnessing the powers of nature and cosmic energy as a means of expression,” according to event organizers.

Luminescent orbs, man-animal-machine hybrids, walking chairs, and sculptures made from material used by NASA to collect stardust are some of the items that will be on display. Performances, talks and events will focus on topics like quantum theory and harmonic resonance, ideas for a free currency, and hypnotic audiovisual experiences. The full blog post is at the NEW YORK TIMES and also continues here after the jump

Put on by the Kinetica Museum, the third-annual fair will take place at the Ambika P3 Gallery (35 Marylebone Road; 44-207-392-9674; The Fair will feature more than 400 works from galleries and art organizations across Britain and elsewhere, and exhibitors from 11 different countries.

The Kinetica Museum founders Dianne Harris and Tony Langford began Kinetica because they believed technological art was underrepresented in other museums, galleries and art fairs, according to Mr. Langford.

“In a time of recession and increased global awareness about climate change, artists are inspired to focus on harnessing the powers of nature and cosmic energy as a means of expression,” Mr. Langford said. “The works exhibited aim to increase awareness to the evolution of us as a species and expose various dimensions in our quest to further human potential.”

The fair has doubled in size since its inception three years ago, he added.

Photo: Kinetica Museum

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