I’m Gary Moskowitz and I’m a journalist and journalism educator based in San Francisco.

I write about music, the music industry, music tech, and arts & culture for the Economist and other publications.

I teach journalism at California State University, East Bay.

I make podcasts about music
I take photos of street art
I’ve had loads of jobs
Sometimes I publish stories on Medium
I’m on the Muck Rack

For Time Magazine, I’ve written about digital music royalties, video stores, Afrobeat, Berlin Techno, and Hyperlocal news sites.

I’ve written about finding Run-DMC in Iowa for Radio Silence Magazine, Craigslist musicians and Hip Hop for The Atlantic, post-millennial suburban punk rock for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Burning Man for the Village Voice.

I’ve written about music + culture for San Francisco Weekly, the New York Times, and covered those topics for Intelligent Life, the Daily Telegraph, Newsweek, Mother Jones Magazine, and other publications.

I’ve taught journalism at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, City University London, and the London School of Journalism. I’ve been a guest speaker on journalism at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco.

I’m also a musician and have played trumpet and flugelhorn in an 11-piece London Afrobeat band, an Oakland punk-soul band, a Los Angeles roots ska band, a Florida ska band, and others. I currently play in a San Francisco fazz-junk quintet. I’ve toured throughout the United States and once did a summer European tour from Dublin to Istanbul.

Before pursuing journalism, I was a flower delivery van driver, a Greyhound Bus terminal attendant, a ski lift operator, prep cook, dishwasher, and a Starbucks comment card reader.

To contact me, email blogowitz [at] yahoo.com


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