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Noisy Neighbor: Bill Fontana

March 27, 2014

For SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE: Thanks to San Francisco’s Branch Library Improvement Program, the North Beach library will be home to world-renowned sound artist Bill Fontana’s newest project, Sonic Dreamscape—a compilation of the sounds that make North Beach sound so, well, North Beach-y. We grilled him about the project. What makes this project different from your […]

The Art of Google Maps

March 10, 2014
odell art

For the ECONOMIST: JENNY ODELL, a San Franciscan artist, often finds inspiration in the landscapes she sees while flying overhead. If she spots a promising piece of Earth from a plane, she scours the relevant parts of Google Maps to investigate further. What she is looking for are odd, often industrial, forms and shapes—water-treatment facilities, […]

Football as Art

January 27, 2014
warhol pele

For the ECONOMIST: American interest in football is on the rise: they’re watching it on television and showing up for more games. Roughly 13m of them play football, making it the country’s third-most-popular participation sport, behind basketball and baseball. The New York City Football Club, a joint venture between the New York Yankees baseball team […]

Exhibit: Photos of Iraq Invasion

February 26, 2013
iraq windshield

For the ECONOMIST: A STREAK of semi-dried blood runs across an Iraqi boy’s face. A father and his three sons guard their Kadhamiya neighbourhood from looters. Children in a Shiite religious learning centre re-enact scenes they witnessed during battle between American soldiers and the Mahdi army. These and many other scenes of Iraqis were captured […]

Kehinde Wiley’s Black Diaspora

February 19, 2013
kehinde israel

For the ECONOMIST: KEHINDE WILEY, an African-American artist, has gained attention for his vibrant, large-scale paintings that appear to mix urban hip-hop imagery with old-master portraiture. His subjects tend to be young black men in hoodies and jeans, who strike the confident poses of kings and aristocratic dandies against bright and ornate wallpaper-like backdrops. For […]

Camera Tricks: Middle East Photography

December 15, 2012

For the ECONOMIST: Photographs of the Middle East regularly make the front pages of newspapers. But photography by contemporary artists from the region is woefully under-represented in Western galleries. An exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London is an attempt to address this imbalance. “Light from the Middle East” is the first major […]

Slinkachu: Large-Scale Miniatures

October 1, 2012
slinkachu africa

For the ECONOMIST: A PINK lollipop has fallen to the ground in London, smashing a miniature Audi convertible no bigger than a lego brick. The car’s tiny owner stands next to the crumpled vehicle, holding his hand to his head in distress. In Hong Kong, a little man in a shirt and tie prepares to […]

In London, Photography Show Investigates Bloodlines

December 26, 2011

For four years, Taryn Simon traveled the world photographing 18 family bloodlines and their related stories. The resulting images document victims of genocide in Bosnia, a polygamist family in Kenya, the alleged body double of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday, Filipino farmers and miners, children with no known bloodline from a Ukrainian orphanage, and many more. […]

Postmodernism Deconstructed at London Show

September 22, 2011

When the Memphis design group turned up at the 1981 Milan Furniture Fair with their plastic laminated, brightly colored and highly patterned furniture, the exhibition was reportedly mobbed and streets were blocked as people tried to cram into the tiny exhibition space. In an effort to explore how this and other examples of postmodernism across […]

In London, a Slice of 1970s Downtown New York

May 6, 2011

The Barbican Art Gallery is offering a glimpse of life in downtown Manhattan in the early 1970s — at least through the eyes of a particular group of artists. The “Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s” exhibition, at the gallery through May 22, features sculptures, drawings, photographs, documentation of performances, and mixed-media works. […]

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