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DJ Shadow’s Shadow

December 18, 2009

Introducing is a talented, Oxford-based nine-piece band with a very specific goal. Every show they perform is essentially the same. With the exception of slight variations in their encores, the set never changes. Their mission? To perform DJ Shadow’s first LP, “Endtroducing”, in its entirety, from start to finish. The full blog post is at […]

D.I.Y. Stardom in London

November 12, 2009

Actually, Be Kind Rewind was in part the inspiration for starting the event, according to its creator, Harriet Knowles. “We hardly ever take a scene more than once no matter how rubbish it looks. We feel that adds to its charm,” she wrote in an e-mail. “Finding costumes that fit huge burly blokes and petite […]

An Artist Who Makes the Viewer Work

November 2, 2009

In July 1961, on London’s South Bank, Gustav Metzger put on a gas mask, rubber gloves and a hard hat and proceeded to spray hydrochloric acid in elaborate patterns all over three large screens of white, black and red nylon. Filmed up close, the quick melting and tearing away of fabric is beautiful, disturbing and […]

Revisiting “Do The Right Thing”

October 31, 2009

I’ve seen “Do the Right Thing” many times, and have observed and participated in many debates about its value and meaning. But this particular London screening reminded me of just how well it captures the little things that not only set people off, but also calm them down and even make them laugh. There are […]

This Was It: Michael Jackson’s Film Opening

October 28, 2009

In London, about 1,100 people gathered in Leicester Square for the premiere. Video screens showed red carpet arrivals from Los Angeles, the dance troupe Diversity — winner of the television competition “Britain’s Got Talent” — performed a Jackson tribute, and enthusiastic fans wore Jackson-inspired fedoras, gloves and jackets. The full story, reported by Ben Sisario […]

Kanye West’s Self-Help Advice

October 6, 2009

Kanye West’s self-help book is a small, spiral-bound thing, too big for your back pocket but a perfect fit for the coffee table. Its bright yellow, blue, pink and green text is printed on glossy black paper, often in quite large sizes. It’s durable, so much so that you could throw it across the room […]

Diwali on Display

October 1, 2009

For several hours on Sunday, Oct. 4, London’s heavily-trafficked Trafalgar Square will be HQ for the city’s ninth annual Diwali on the Square, a cultural observation of the Hindu Festival of Lights that will include fireworks, live music performances, and dancing. Event organizers wouldn’t comment on specific festival details or elaborate on Diwali’s contemporary meanings, […]

Brazilian Life at the Barbican

September 29, 2009

In Jose Eduardo Belmonte’s award-winning 2008 Brazilian film, “If Nothing Else Works Out” (“Se nada mais der certo”), Brazil is not lush and sunny, nor is it filled with soft, warm breezes and rhythmic bossa nova tunes. Instead Belmonte turns his lens on urban Sao Paulo, where skies are often grey, traffic is endless and […]

Music, Meditation and Maybe Transcendence

September 23, 2009

It doesn’t take an ashram to achieve transcendence. From Sept. 25 to 30, London’s Barbican Centre will aim to prove that enlightenment can occur in a formal setting too, by hosting a series of concerts exploring devotional, spiritual and sacred music from around the world. The Transcender Weekender series will feature music designed to encourage […]

David Byrne Plays Buildings Now

August 25, 2009

Since the Talking Heads disbanded, David Byrne has taken quite a circuitous route. Along the way there have been film scores, dance and opera projects, visual art, and more recently a memoir about riding his bike through the world’s cities. His latest project: hooking up an old organ to the guts of an old building […]

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about Blogowitz

I write about music and culture. I teach journalism. BLOGOWITZ is a file cabinet for my stories, podcasts, photos, and teaching.

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