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John Santos Takes On Jazz Residency

January 23, 2014
santos drums

For SF WEEKLY: A conversation with John Santos is like sitting in on a dynamic college course on Afro-Latin music — but there are no lulls and no test afterward. Watch Santos perform live on conga drums with a full band of horn players, singers, and percussionists, and the history lesson becomes tangible and audible. […]

Show Preview: Whirr

August 29, 2013
whirr press

For SF WEEKLY: Whirr refers to itself as a punk band from Oakland, but even at its most aggressive, Whirr is not textbook punk. The music is loud and layered with thick electric fuzz, but it’s also sincere and pensive: There’s no mistaking its melancholy ’90s shoegaze influences. This is not a wall of sound, […]

On-Demand Touring: Go Where the Fans Are

June 12, 2013
zoe keating

For the ECONOMIST: TALK about the music industry these days is fairly grim. More people may be listening to more music than ever before, but no one seems to know how to make money out of the business. So what can be done about it? This was the question before the entrepreneurs and developers who […]

Auditorium Jazz: Quality vs Intimacy

May 7, 2013

The new SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco, a swank 700-seat concert hall with stadium seating and tall ceilings, begs the question: is it more important that live jazz be intimate or sound good? The San Francisco nonprofit group SFJAZZ, which has been hosting jazz events at various venues in the city since the 80s, and […]

Bonobo: Show Review + Audio

May 7, 2013

For SF WEEKLY: Electronic dance music, when paired with live instrumentation, can have disastrous results: a tenor sax player, wearing Tevas, soloing endlessly over a pre-programmed keyboard pattern; a live drummer struggling to stay in sync with looped beats; a confused audience. But joined onstage at the Warfield on Friday by brass, woodwinds, string players, […]

Boots Riley: Revolution You Can Dance To

December 1, 2007

Boots Riley talked with me about politics, and vented about how the biz shortchanges idiosyncratic bands like the Coup. The INTERVIEW appears on, and appeared in the November/December 2007 issue of Mother Jones Magazine.

Teenage East Bay rockers embrace punk’s do-it-yourself ethos anew

October 7, 2005

Some musicians call it East Bay thrash core, others call it punk or hardcore. Livermore area teens who play and listen to loud, aggressive, fast music don’t much care what you call it. They’re not trying to create a big music scene. For many of them, the music and its accompanying lifestyle are about being […]

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Opening Bands vs Headliners

African Artists: Searching for a New Sound

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