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Vampire Weekend in London

April 1, 2010

A recent live performance by Vampire Weekend at the Garage in North London as part of their current UK tour was a reminder that not all bands embrace the element of surprise. Vampire Weekend played through a set that included songs from their 2008 eponymous first release, a massive hit released on the UK-based independent […]

Everything Michael Jackson Comes to London

December 5, 2009

In the final room of the exhibition are several large journals full of hand-written dedications to Jackson. Most entries are addressed directly to “Michael” and written much like high school yearbook entries. “You are the meaning of life,” wrote one fan. Most thank Jackson for helping them in some way. “You were a childhood hero […]

Big Top Britney

June 11, 2009

Hours before a recent “The Circus: Starring Britney Spears” performance at London’s enormous O2 Arena, a friend called to say he had an extra ticket to the show; mine if I wanted it. “Yes” bounded from my mouth before he had finished his sentence. Two hours later, we found ourselves 20 feet away from Miss […]

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