I’ve played trumpet in several original bands and toured the US and Europe.

I’m currently rehearsing with a 10-piece afrobeat band in Northeast London. No name or solid recordings yet, but we’re working on it. A rough recording of one of our songs is here:

Last fall, I played warehouse parties and busked with Ruby Ruby Ruse, a gypsy band from NYC.


Since 2007, I’ve played on and off with Damon and the Heathens, a punk-soul band in Oakland, California. We’ve got some VIDEOS and a LIVE TAPING. We toured Europe in July 2009 someone took VIDEOS.

“Pony or Mekong,” by The Heathens:

“Let’s Stay Inside Tonight,” by The Heathens:

DJ Tomas
Recorded tracks with Bay Area dubstep, downtempo, reggae, future jazz DJ in 2008

Kush Arora
Recorded tracks with San Francisco dub and electronica DJ in 2008

Bay Area funk/hip hop/blues/rock band, active in 2006.

kimby cat

Kimby recorded songs using salad bowls, garbage cans, and un-cooked beans. Kimby music was used in episodes of the Discovery Channel television series “Urban Explorers.”

“Kimby Attacks,” by Kimby:

“Lucy in Koreatown,” by Kimby:

“Her Palate,” by Kimby:

See Spot
Played with this Los Angeles ska/jazz/Latin band 2003 to 2004.

The Legalizers
Played with this Los Angeles roots reggae band from 2003 to 2004.

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Recorded tracks for them in 2003.

Baccone Dolce
Florida ska band. We toured the US in the late 90s


  1. Was the school bands and friends the root of where we come from? Did it take the ridiculous uniforms to give us caracter?

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